Cynthia Blakeley, PhD

Selected Talks

“Memoir and Narrative Identity,” Invited Lecture, Loyola University, Chicago

“Meaning and Memory,” Wellfleet Historical Society, Wellfleet, MA 

“Our Stories, Our Selves: Narrative, Memory, and Wellness,” Good Life Speaker Series, Emory University  

“Malala & Memoir,” First Year Common Read Discussion, Emory Integrity Project 

“Goethe’s ‘A Thousand Germinating Seeds’: Uses of Faust in the Writings of Freud and Jung.” Robert A. Paul Festschrift, Emory University 

“Dream On: Narrative Creativity and the Dreaming Brain,” Fox Center Faculty Response Forum, Emory University

“Meaning in Dreams: A Poststructuralist Critique,” Interdisciplinarity Conference, Emory University 

“Is There Meaning in Dreams?” Invited Lecture, International Network for Children and Families Annual Convention, Callaway Gardens, GA  

“Dream Authority/Meaning in Freud and Jung: A Poststructuralist Critique,” Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference, Asheville, NC  

“Theories of Dream Interpretation,” Invited Lecture, Georgia Association for Pastoral Counseling